Our curriculum in English has been designed in such a way that it is beneficial to everyone. Be it Students, Professionals, Homemakers or Job seekers.

RightTurn Academy provides one of the best English speaking classes in Pune. So, if you're looking for an English speaking course in Pune, this is the place. RightTurn Academy is one of the best English speaking classes in Pune. Our objective is not just to make our students good at Grammar but to enable our students to become fluent speakers of English. Best spoken English classes in Pune.

Our aim is to help our students speak English confidently, fluently and effectively. We have limited the maximum student strength to 7-10 in a batch, so we can give personal attention to each and every student. Our training methodology is such that we maintain a good balance between Grammar and conversation practice which enables the student to actually be able to speak fluent English.


Course duration: 2 months
The Basic level is for those students who are very poor in English. The objective of this level is to gradually develop their LSRW skills through the communicative approach of teaching and learning. The textbook, which contains a large number of passages and dialogues, is especially designed to develop the learner's confidence and speaking ability through interactive lessons on: Introductions, activity based grammar practice of Simple Tenses, descriptions of people, places, things, processes, and day-to-day conversations. On completion of the Basic level students will be able to participate in conversations and understand instructions which will enable them to join the Junior level of the course.
Speeches, Group discussion, Storytelling, Description, and Conversation practice for certain situations. Reading of passages from the textbook, Letter writing and Punctuation. Parts of speech, Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Tenses, Prepositions, Adjectives, Articles, Construction of sentences, Types of sentences, Types of questions, Framing questions, Common mistakes in English. Debates, Role play, Group discussions, Arguments, Storytelling, Picture description. Tenses (revision), Transitive, Intransitive verbs, Active/Passive voice, Direct/Indirect Speech, Degrees of comparison, Transformation of sentences, Common mistakes in English. Practice of phonetic transcription - Vowel and Consonant symbols.
Conversation Practice, Debates, Creative stories, One-act plays, Art of Public Speaking. Reading from the contemporary Novels, Plays and Newspaper. Paragraph writing, Essay writing, Dialogue writing, Critical writing, Creative writing, Story writing, Stylistic problems that appear in grammar. Prepositional phrase, Structure of a sentence, Syntax, Conjunctions, Simple, Compound, Complex Sentence, synthesis and Analysis of sentences, functions of Adverbs and Adjectives, Non-finite Verbs - Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, Word formation - Stress, Intonation, Transcription of words.